Air Data Test Set

Flight or ramp line Air Data Test Sets - pitot static systems
D. Marchiori(DMA) manufacture various RVSM Air Data Test Set versions for troubleshooting, leak testing and certification of aircraft pitot-static systems.

The characteristic abundant MPSXX Air Data Test Set range empower accelerated calibration of altimeters, airspeed indicators, Mach indicators, vertical speed indicators, Air Data Computers (ADC), testing of Angle of Attack (AoA) system probes and other avionic pitot-static components. Features include:

RVSM compatible
Digitally controlled
Controlled from computer or keyboard interface
Accurate pressure sensors used to reach high precision
Pumps hour 5,000
Engineered to minimize power consumption
Elective output ports and pitot isolators and internal multiple static
Battery power
Straightforward user interface
Programmable user test sequences
Bluetooth remote control
USB port for USB memory device to download test programs and store results
Automatic calibration applications (with PAMBX transfer standard)
Wide range of options
Speedy warm-up
Double channel instruments in the range contain the ultra streamlined MPS43 that weighs under 4Kg while providing full automatic control with RVSM correctness. As well as our latest range that is civil ADTS, the MPS45 we additionally have the MPS34C that provides laboratory precision on the flightline. The 3 station string of devices control three pressures separately and independently to check the Angle of Attack (AoA) along with Static Electricity and Pitot pressures, for use with 'Smart' type pitot tubes. Our latest 3 channel instrument is the MPS49 with the MPS39C also being available. The MPS40C is a 4 channel ADTS with 2 stations of AoA.

MPS49 test sets and the newest MPS45 offer up to 12 switched output ports, drawn-out calibration interval and other improved specifications and capabilities.

A broad range of alternatives are available for the Air Data Test Sets with some versions pre-configured with specific options:

28 VDC operation
IEEE488 control (RS232 control is standard on most models)
ARINC429 interface
Bluetooth control by tablet PC
Ethernet and Wi Fi interfaces
Multiple remote static and pitot output signals controlled from the keypad
ADWIN applications for PC control
Encoding altimeter readout
Expanded ranges of 850 or 1,000 kts
Internal battery
External battery to extend battery life
External vacuum supply and pressure
All the ramp/flight line ADTS are portable and also can be used in the laboratory. ADWIN PC applications allows control of the evaluation systems from a conventional PC. In all versions negligible heat is generated by low power consumption and enables the greatest precision available now. Optionally the ADTS can be remotely controlled by a tablet PC with Bluetooth connection (no cables required). The user interface ensures all the functions are readily controlled with no less than key strokes. The devices are prepared for use and within the accuracy band at the judgment of the initialisation / self test procedure.

All the Air Data Test Sets have battery power either fitted as standard or available as an alternative. This enables the evaluation sets to be operated away from ac electricity or to continue to be used during power failure. The streamlined MPS43 has battery power just for safe return to ground states.

All versions are furnished complete with internal pumps functioning 'on demand' to attain low electrical power consumption and maximum life duration. Noise level is quite low, a welcome feature when the ADTS can be used in the workshop.

30 User test profiles are programmable and executable , each with 26 evaluation points, enabling persistent tests such as FAR43 testing to readily be performed with high repeatability.

Calibration is accomplished through user correction of calibration constants minus the condition for hardware adjustments.

Contact the office to discuss any specific customer requirements including radio altimeter automatic evaluation.

Lab Air Data Test Sets
DMA is a top manufacturer of Air Data Test Set versions for lab use attaining the highest accuracy and resolution. The MPS46 is digitally controlled through a keyboard, it uses quite high precision pressure sensors, with an unique characterisation for maximum precision (for static channel 2 feet at sea level). Pressure resolution of 0.2 also achievable. The intuitive user interface with touch screen display ensures that all the functions are controlled with at least key presses . The ADTS can be used in avionics ATE systems (stand height just 2U) for automated pitot-static testing through RS232, USB, Ethernet or GPIB/IEEE488. An internal pump or external rack mounted pump unit can be furnished as a choice. - pitot static systems